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  National Flag Sunglasses,Printable Sunglasses

The sunglasses can be printed logos and slogans true color on the lens surface, yet is transparent to the wearer.



al-foil roll-up-sunglasses


  As a walking billboard,
the sunglasses offers unlimited possibilities for promotional applications placing
your message at an optimum viewing postion for everyone to see!

Unique form of images be printed,
The images form is not to be confused with the common printing or vacuum deposition process, images on lens with exact color representation,but lens is transparent to the wearer.
UV protection ,

the sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.It is impossible to miss a Jayon's Vision
message with the wearer serving .

Designed safety ,
Frames are made of PMMA based materials and Lenses are made of polycarbonate shatter resistant lexan.
Your business campaign should consider the use of "Printable Sunglasses"

Printable Sunglasses are hot-new gift and effective promotional product for improve your business. Logo and slogan words can be printed for promotional items.Great as give-a-way
and sell for profit.


Various Useful Occasions:

*Sports Events
*Music Concerts 
*Travel Team
*Product Introduction
*Company Gatherings
*Grand Openings
*Theme Parks
*Golf Courses
*Client Gifts
*the Ultimate of Post mydriatic
*Dental procedure of UV curing

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