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What are "Roll-up Sunglasses"?


Roll-up sunglasses are new form to protect your eyes from sun's UV.Roll-up sunglasses are made of transparent anti-UV plastic film,because of the rolled storage,cling to your face when unrolled,no need adhesive.A canister package with neck strap for wear around your neck.
UVA & UVB protection 100%. Order Now

Various Useful Occasions:
*Sports Events *Music Concerts *Product Introduction

*Travel Team *Grand Openings *Holidays *Client Gifts

*Company Gatherings *Theme Parks *Golf Courses *Airlines

*the Ultimate of Post mydriatic *Dental procedure of UV curing


Roll-up sunglasses is a fashion wear for outdoor and sports.

Great design !They are very light weight wrap-around your face comfortable.They don't slid down and there is no need to push them up,one size fits all ,FUN TO WEAR!


A cool style for promotion,your business campaign should consider the use of "Roll-up Sunglasses"

Roll-up Sunglasses are hot-new gift and effective promotional product for improve your business. Logo and slogan words can be printed for promotional items.Great as give-a-way
and sell for profit.


Roll lens Dilation Glasses 100pcs packing,UVA and UVB 100% protection:

We offer different item with our professional technology.

Acceptable customized order with your design.

Rollens roll-up sunglasses paper ring 100pcs packing.

Meets Standard ANSI Z80.3-2018




Post Mydriatic Spectacles , Red-Green Slip-in Lens:

We are a special manufacturer of film sunglasses,we offer red-green slip-in lens at our professional technology.

We accept customized order with your design,logo can be printed on.

UVA and UVB 100% protection

SGS CE Certification

RoHS REACT Testing Report



dilation glasses

To Customize Roll-up Sunglasses with your graphic and logo printing:

There are no MOQ be requested to customize your film sunglasses,pls feel free to contact me.Your design will be made in 2-3 days with a low cost,and send to your door fastly by express service company as DHL/UPS/Fedex.

High quality guaranty come from professional brand manufacturer.

post mydriatic specs

Roll-up color lens

customized colors are available.

roll-up-sunglasses Solaris Wrap Around Roll-up

One size fits all,lenses have reflective gold / silver / surface.


Polarized Roll-up Sunglasses for Sports:

Polarized and UV protection 100%,it is filtering the bright reflected light on water surface, so that the object seen more clear in water; it is filter interference from bright light from road or vehicle, so driving safer.

Customized lens color is enable and no MOQ requested. We offer RED/Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink glasses in stock.

red-green roll-up sunglasses

One-Piece-3D Glasses ,Roll-up 3D Glasses

One-Piece-3D Glasses can be used to view the NASA's Earth & Sun in 3D, Shrek, Spy Kids 3D, Barbie , Shark , Shark Boy and Lava Girl , the spectacular Mars 3D images sent back by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers currently exploring the planet Mars.

One-Piece-3D Glasses manufacture 3D Glasses with Red / Cyan glasses , Red / Blue glasses, Red / Blue-Green glasses.

Special colors of anaglyph lenses are available in our One-Piece-3D glasses.

swades foam band glasses

Foam Band Swades

More comfortable, more safe, the newest design of glasses help us to get a better feel.Safety and ductile and non-toxic foam around the edge of the lens.Can be printed on the lens, same UV400 100% protection as the roll up sunglasses.


Zippered Bag and Clear Eyeshield with Foam Edge

durable single-cell foam

Wear at night with adjustable head strap

custom polarized glasses

Customize your polarized sunglasses

Color selection available: green,yellow,silver,blue,red,black,brown etc.

Lens: polarized film and UV 100% protection.

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